Macron vs Le Pen: who will win?

Do you know the political situation of France?

On May 7 there will be a second round between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. According to the final results of the first round of the French presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron has obtained 24.01%, and Marine Le Pen the 21.30% of votes. In addition, the affluence of voting has reached the 77.77%. This means that not many French people have expressed their ideas. In 2012 the situation was different and better: about the 80.42% of French citizens decided to vote.

After a long head to head and a first phase in which Marine Le Pen seemed to prevail, contradicting the projections, she arrived as second.
After Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen there are Francois Fillon, who has obtained the 19.94% and Jean-Luc Melenchon, who arrived at 19.62%.

So what will happen on May 7? We don’t know.¬†
Emmanuel Macron’s and Marine Le Pen’s electoral programs express two radically different ideas of how France should be in the future.

Macron is a former of the socialist government who has never had an electoral mandate. His ideas are progressive liberal: he rejects the right and left labels. One of the central points of his electoral campaign was the demand for greater European integration, and in particular wants a stronger union among the eurozone countries. He is agree with the international trade and the reduction of public spending and taxes, particularly those affecting the poorest social classes.  Macron is also in favor of flexibility in the workplace.

While, Le Pen is a rightist nationalist, opposed to immigration and European integration. Le Pen is in favor of protectionism and proposes to encourage French companies and to penalize foreigners. She proposes a referendum to leave the EU and return to the French franc, and stricter rules for the reception of migrants and asylum seekers.

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